Freedom Thru Simplicity
  • This is our YouTube channel. It is not just for cruising videos, as it has a broader philosophy, but this is where we will host all our sailing and boat related videos. Sit back, and enjoy our adventures.
Angels Travels
  • This channel belongs to Rebecca Burg, and I think the only other Bayfield owner with a YouTube account. Check out her stuff. She's a solo sailor.
Bayfield Boat Community

Bayfield Yacht Owners Group
  • This is where Bayfield Owners congregate. If you want to know something about a Bayfield sailboat, this is the place to ask it. They're awfully friendly.
Yanmar Diesel Owners Group
  • Most Bayfield sailboats have Yanmar engines in them, and if you ever need a question answered, this is where the experts hide. Yanmar are pretty good engines, so its no surprise that this is a quiet group. There are crickets in the background.
Boating Blogs That We Follow

Live Bloggin' the ICW
Life Aboard Serenada
  • Cruising friends Gil and Diana from Barrie Ontario. They are playing "snowbird" with there Ontario 32 sailboat. Spending their winters in the Caribbean, and their summers home in Ontario. What a great life. Gil has become quite the accomplished Fisherman, and Diana must be part fish the way she takes to the water. Enjoy their voyage.
Sailing Tranquility Bay
  • Meet Kim and Scott. They have been out there forever. These two are amazing; living on "Anthillyde", a 33 foot French built aluminum sloop with tanbark sails. She is a gorgeous boat that they are completely rebuilding at the moment. Be patient with their site. They are rebuilding there online presence as well. But I look forward to some great content from them.
Venture Sail
  • These are our friends Larry and Michelle aboard their Niagara 35, "Venture II". There has never been a better purpose built boat remodel in the history of cruising, and these two have finally cast off the docklines for some serious cruising. Michelle is the writer, and she does a nice job of telling it how it is.
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