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Hi there and welcome to Sailing Vita. We are Rob and Serena Cole. We gave up the rat race at the early age of 40 so that we could concentrate on enjoying our lives. Join us as we refit our Bayfield 29 sailboat and discover the new places that she will take us. To borrow from Henry David Thoreau, we wish only to live life to its fullest so that when it comes time to die, we do not discover that we have not lived.

Serena and I grew up in small town Ontario Canada. We started dating when I was only 15, she is the cradle robber, seeing that she was 16. Or perhaps I was just the young man lucky enough to lasso an older woman. Yeah me! We had our two wonderful children at a very young age, which allowed us to become empty-nesters earlier than most. And, I joined the Canadian Military at age nineteen, which meant that I was pensionable at age 39. Now don't get me wrong a twenty year pension is not a lot of money, but with some saving and sound investments over the years, we were able to retire at age 40. We had been planning this cruising thing for a very long time! Even with that though, we live on a very tight budget. Most people on minimum wage bring in more than we do, and its a chore to make sure ends meet. But we are free. We come and go as we please and we get to cruise on our beautiful little boat.

Old Blog Entries, "About Us"


There is a long story behind Vita. And maybe one day I will get into it, but suffice to say she is a very heavily modified Bayfield 29 sailboat, built in 1983 in Ontario Canada. She was pretty much stock when we bought her, and she has seen the end of my angle grinder more times that any boat should, but she is great little home for two. We have had her in some pretty rough seas off the New Jersey coast, and she took care of us just fine. Here is the Blog post that talks about, how Vita got her name.