Friday, August 10, 2018

The SALE Deal of the Year!

Vita is up for Sale.

You can click on the link above "Vita for Sale" or right here, for a synopsis of her sale flyer.

She is an incredible boat, and she will be missed dearly, but she no longer belongs in our lives. She deserves someone who will take her back to the clear waters of the Caribbean. Or at least cruise her as much as possible. A feat that we can no longer do.

You can email me at, or call at 343-645-4015 for further details. Perhaps you are her next Captain. She is a great boat, and she will treat you well.


  1. Oh what a gorgeous sailboat! Love all the modifications you’ve made.
    Drooling.... LOL!

    1. It could be yours! And thank you for the the kind words.

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